Thursday, June 22, 2017

May Black Canyon SUP Adventure

This post originally appeared at Maine Standup Paddling.
Happy Hour!
Erin & Matt making coffee
Hot Springs & Happy Hour is how we described the trip, but really it should’ve been called strong winds and stronger paddlers. Our team of 8 met up early on Friday, made our way to the river and were paddling off by 10:15am. Impressive start for an impressive crew.
The rest of the trip blended together seamlessly with an assortment of fun, food, celebration, soaking, exploring & relaxing. Huge THANKS to Erin of Sunset Stand Up Paddle in Laguna Beach, California for co-organizing with me. She’s awesome to work with and paddle with and whenever you’re in Southern California she’ll show you a good time. Our next Black Canyon SUP Adventure is October 27-30, 2017.
What made it so fun? First, we had a group of skilled paddlers who were all about having fun. Second, the Black Canyon is a magical place with great energy. Hot air, cold clear water, beaches, cliffs, wildlife, caves, hot springs, currents, fun eddies, waterfalls, no electricity, no cell phone service! It’s a playground for those that like to adventure. It’s a dream for those wanting to develop board control, water reading skills & basic river skills. It’s a paradise for those that want to relax, forget about work, unplug, unwind, dream, breathe, contemplate and smile.
Enough said – here are a few pictures..

Exploring Black Canyon on our way upriver - day one.

Fun scramble to this hot spring - my first visit to this one.  day two.

our camp, viewed from above

Kristen leads the pack upriver - day one

paddling the Red Paddle Co. Dragon.  34" wide x 22' long

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