Friday, June 6, 2014

South Fork SUP

This was my first real whitewater SUP experience and it's so, so much fun.  I'm ready to pack my bags and move to the river so I can do it everyday.  I felt like a kid again - not a care in the world, splashing around in the cold, clear, fresh water.  It was great.

We joked around and had a great time while paddling safe & smart.  Kelly & Goose paddled whitewater kayaks while Mitch & I stood up on sweet WW boards we borrowed from California Canoe & Kayak in Coloma.  The Coloma to Greenwood run was a perfect intro for me - a class I/II run that's mellow.  

It's hard to standup paddle in dynamic moving water while scouting lines and keeping an eye on the team.  Lots of rough water paddling had me completely ready for it and I'm pretty happy with my performance out there.  I swam, I flailed once or twice, but I also got onto some standing waves, stood through most the rapids and ran some really good lines among the rocks.  It was pretty damn cool and I cannot wait to return.

I have my sights set on the gorge by the end of summer.  I'm ready for class III and can't wait to run it with a small team of solid sup paddlers.  

Waiting our turn at barking dog

boat retrieval from a SUP

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