Monday, May 5, 2014

one IN, one OUT

One in, one out.  Google that and you'll get a few versions of its meaning.  It's an unofficial rule that some people follow, like minimalists and dispensaries.  In an attempt to downsize and reduce the amount of gear and clutter I call my own, I've applied it to my paddle craft.  If I get rid of a board, I have my own permission to get a new one, so that's what I did.

This morning I took her out for the first ride and let her make some of those extremely important first impressions on me.  I'm very happy.  This new Cali 14 by Focus SUP Hawaii is exactly what I've been looking for.  14 feet long, 27 inches wide, 5 inches thick, 265 liters.  Carbon layup, 24 pounds.  Sweet deck setup, simple lines, excellent volume distribution with a low-volume nose and the perfect tail.  

I'll be posting more as I get a chance to give it a thorough review, but for now, know that it's light, fast, stable & predictable and I'm digging it.

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