Monday, January 20, 2014

Inflatable SUP bike trip

Mission accomplished.  I was paddling in Oakland Saturday with some friends and figured it was the perfect time to see if I could bike there with a SUP and all my paddling kit.  I loaded the cargo bike with an inflatable Starboard 14'x30" Touring SUP with paddle, pump, clothing and the rest of my normal junk.  Pedaled the 7 miles to the put-in, pumped her up with ease and paddled out.  After a few hours of paddling, I just as quickly deflated, rolled and loaded the equipment back onto the bike, stopped by the bar for a drink and pedaled back through Oakland to Berkeley.

Quite the successful test!  Got a couple stares but well worth it and it's definitely a good setup for a longer bike trip, bringing on the BART or even an overnight cycling & paddling adventure.  Fun stuff and I'm absolutely loving the inflatable SUP.  It's now my go-to board for just about everything.

Extracycle, iSUP, paddle, pump - everything I need for a day on the water


made it to the launch without problem

inflating takes 5-10 mins

post paddle.  deflated, ready to load back up

making the return trip

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