Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jersey Shore

The red duffel holds an inflatable standup board, pump, leash, clothing & 3-piece paddle.
After a recent cycling-related wrist injury I was forced off the water for three long weeks while I recovered.  My first dive back into paddling found me on the Jersey Shore visiting the fam.  Since we were staying beachfront for a week and SUP rentals were scarce and expensive in that area, I opted to bring along a borrowed 10'6" inflatable with a Werner 3-piece paddle.  For $25 on Virgin America I checked the SUP, paddle, leash, fins, pump & clothing and was guaranteed fun while I was there.

Even though inflatable standup boards lack stability, speed, and glide when compared to rigid boards, they more than make up for it with their ability to travel.  If you can only have one board in your quiver and have room to store it and means to transport it, go with a rigid.  If you have room for board number two and love to travel, consider purchasing an inflatable.

This trip to Jersey was by no means a paddling trip, but having that inflatable meant that I could paddle and surf whenever I wanted.  It would have been strange torture staring at the waves for seven days without some time on the water.  In the end we surfed most of the days we were there and my wrist performed beautifully, well on its way to full recovery.  The week was rounded out with funnel cakes, crab fries, lobster dinners and lots of quality time spent with the family.  I don't get home too much these days, so it was really great to see everyone.  I miss them already.

Little Jersey beachbreak & warm water

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