Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pull Harder...

A couple times a year I dust off the equipment and print t-shirts for friends or events that I work with.  I really enjoy the process of going from idea conception to final product.  The printing itself is almost a form of meditation for me.  The beginning of each project takes precision and concentration, but once you get through the first couple prints, the process begins to flow and develops a rhythm.  Usually about this time I turn on some pretty lights, pour a beer and relax as my hands go through the motions.  The timing and measuring become natural and I briefly turn into a machine. 

Late Friday night I finished printing the t-shirts for Berto and the boys over at  If you haven't visited their website, do so.  It's climbing-centric with a hint of shenanigans.  On October 16th, they are hosting the 2nd annual marathon in San Diego and I hear the t-shirts are awesome!

San Diego has a special place in my heart and I try to visit as much as possible, but unfortunately I won't be running.  I'll be in Oregon coaching at Lumpy Waters.  If what I hear about this paddling event is even close to accurate, then it will be a hell of a good time.   Everyone I speak with agrees that the team at Alder Creek do a damn good job with it.

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