Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Davenport Downwinder SUP

The Davenport race last saturday, put on by the Ghostryders Watermans Club, was one of my toughest days on water ever..  I've paddled sea kayaks in some very challenging conditions and this was right up there.  20-25 knot sustained winds created some good sized swells a bit mixed up.  The route is a 14-mile downwind shot from Davenport Landing to the wharf in Santa Cruz.  There had to be close to 100 racers on paddleboards, standup paddleboards, surfskis & outrigger canoes.  The mass beach start was exciting to say the least and once we all hit the wind, just a bit offshore, racers scattered like mad.

By the end, the winner finished in under 2 hours.  I was closer to the 2:45 mark which was a few minutes slower than I wanted to paddle the course in.  I'm fine with that though, it just shows me that I have some improvements to make & having something to work on is good for me.

The finish line

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