Friday, December 19, 2014

Cold Weather Cross Training

Now that winter is here and the snow is flying, I've been pretty pumped up for ski season.  For me, powder skiing is the funnest thing I can do in life and even though the East Coast isn't known for its soft fluffy powder, it can get an abundance of snow.  So lately I've been letting the drysuit hang in the corner and have been giving my ski gear all the attention.

Skiing is a workout, no question about it.  It's strenuous on the feet, ankles, calfs, knees, thighs, core, arms - the whole body really.  It requires focus, it requires stamina and it ensures you'll be spending time outdoors breathing deeply in the cold air.  It's quality cross-training and it's keeping me fit while I take a short break from paddling.

Sugarloaf is where I now spend my weekends.  If you're counting acreage, it's the biggest ski resort in the East.  Their 20-year average snowfall is 197 inches.  This season they've already seen more than 60 inches of snow and are off to one of their best starts ever in their 63 year history.  Loaded with locals & ruled by regulars, they are backed-up by a challenging selection of terrain including tight trees & fast groomers.

morning of day one

bluebird at Sugarloaf

all skier posse

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