Monday, June 16, 2014

Such a good feeling

After wrapping up the California 100 on Tuesday morning the plan was to get the hell out of town and shut off my phone.  I drove to San Diego on Wednesday, picked up my partner Thursday morning and we made our way towards the Nevada Arizona desert for a Colorado River trip.  The trip began with a 3-hour full-moon upriver approach and a midnight landing to our campsite at the stroke of Friday the 13th.  It only got better from there.  This was an unforgettable trip for me and a much-needed chance to exist in the moment.  My head was clear all weekend and I was thinking about nothing but what was happening around me.  Such a good feeling.  I'll keep the details to myself and leave you with a tiny glimpse of the trip.

arriving to the river, packing up

looking downriver in the early morning

thermoregulate and thrive in the desert

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