Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Paddling "the maze"

Today I was looking for mellow and that's what I got.  I paddled out of Emeryville and along the normally shallow, marshy shoreline from the 80/880/580 interchange to the Oakland Bay Bridge toll booths, affectionately referred to as "the maze".  Like most residents of the greater Bay Area, I've passed this cove in a vehicle hundreds of times and never once paddled it.  On a normal high tide there's less than a foot of water, if any, and it's not worth challenging the getting-stuck potential.  This morning's 6.9ft high tide brought the entire cove into play and gave me a reason to stay local.  

Looking back towards the "maze"

80 West

The cove is full of evidence that suggests it was a happening inlet back in the day.  Weathering piles, dilapidated duck blinds and boathouse remains fill the cove with nostalgia and give a slow, quiet feel to an area normally experienced at 50 mph.  Nautical debris lines the shoreline while land that is usually high & dry is a foot under water.  The water is close enough to the highway to read license plates in the commuter lane.  It's an odd place to paddle, but I feel strangely connected to it and will be back during the next set of spring tides, if not sooner.

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