Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lost Coast

Tomorrow I head north with three other local paddlers to tackle a 70 mile stretch of the Lost Coast in sea kayaks.  The goal of the trip is to make speed along the beaches in order to allow playtime along rocky sections.  Although I originally set out to travel light and fast, it looks like I'll be traveling heavier than planned.  Part of the reason is that I haven't camped from my boat in almost a year and I'm anxious to re-evaluate my systems, especially for solo travel.  I've spent the week packing and repacking, organizing, simplifying and reducing redundancies in my kit.  It's at the point now where it just needs to be tested.

In the picture above, the bag on the left contains everything packing into the cockpit - my clothing, helmet, pfd, skirt, towline, shoes, water and more.  The bag on the right contains everything else to be spread between the three hatches in my poly Avocet. Besides my main paddle, this is everything I need. Look forward to a trip report in the coming week.

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